Energetique and Ergon Energy to trial electric vehicles

Press Release
24 July 2009

Energetique and Ergon Energy have announced a joint project to develop and test the integration of electric vehicles with the electricity grid.

The Grid Intelligent Electric Vehicle project will demonstrate Smart Charge and Vehicle to Grid (V2G) capabilities and integration with energy management systems – essential work in assessing the benefits and drawbacks of vehicle-grid integration.

While Grid Intelligent Electric Vehicles and Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles are expected to have increasing market appeal, smart integration with the network is crucial.

If not managed well, they have the potential to exacerbate peak electricity demand causing costly extra network investment if not managed well. However if managed well they offer opportunities to mitigate peak demand by customers feeding electricity back into the grid from their cars – a distributed energy concept called Vehicle to Grid.

As a result of the trial, Ergon Energy will evaluate the impact of electric vehicles charging from the grid and control of energy flow between the vehicle and the grid.

During peak load periods, the flow of energy can be delayed, slowed or reversed to manage peak demand and provide benefits to the vehicle user and the network.

Energetique spokesperson Dr Phil Coop, said to enable this, Energetique would develop a platform that manages the transfer of energy between the grid and the vehicle battery.

“The Energetique Grid Intelligent Electric Vehicle will enable Smart Charge whereby vehicle users will specify their energy requirements for driving and Vehicle to Grid where they will specify the additional energy capacity of the battery can be utilised by the network. In this way the vehicle can deliver power when the utility requires it while still meeting the customers driving needs,” Dr Coop said.

“By collaboratively managing the vehicle batteries, customers will be able to reduce their energy costs and electric vehicles can become a valuable tool for network management and reduce electricity supply costs.”

Ergon Energy Acting General Manager Corporate Development Glenn Walden said distributed energy would be one of the key responses to the challenges Ergon Energy faces in delivering services to its customers in the future.

“Energy management systems and energy storage in particular will feature prominently in future supply solutions,” Mr Walden said.

“It will also enable integration of greater levels of clean energy into the grid as renewable energy sources become more available.”


Energetique specialises in the design and development of electric vehicles and energy management systems and has spent the past 4 years in research and development of the 100% electric vehicle evMe. The vehicle’s power electronics and battery technology deliver:

• Extended Range 200km
• Maximum Speed 150km
• Power Acceleration 0-100km in under 10 seconds
• Motor Efficiency up to 97%
• Full Digital Control
• Zero Vehicle Emissions

Energetique have recently partnered with RLE International, a Global Automotive Engineering group based in Germany to develop an electric vehicle pilot in Europe.


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