Peter Garrett test drive “I love it!”

Environment Minister the Hon Peter Garrett has given Energetique’s evMe the big thumbs up at the opening of the annual Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society conference and Solar City anniversary in Townsville last week.

Representatives from Energetique and Ergon Energy joined with Mr Garrett to open the event and test drive Energetique’s evMe, which featured at the event in conjunction with Ergon Energy’s Smart Grid technology.

Led by Ergon Energy, the Townsville Solar Cities program aims to better understand the benefits and barriers to solar technology uptake. Information gathered from the project will be analysed to see how different members of a community can best reduce energy consumption, and how governments, industries and individuals can support wise energy usage.

Townsville is one of only seven cities to be part of the Australian Governments $94 million Solar Cities program and Energetique has been working closely with Ergon Energy to develop a grid interactive platform that manages the transfer of energy between the grid and the vehicle battery.

The Energetique Vehicle to Grid (V2G) platform is also Smart Grid enabled. This will allow customers to specify their energy requirements for driving and the additional energy capacity of the battery that can be utilised by the utility. In this way the vehicle can deliver power when the utility requires it while still meeting the customer’s driving needs.

Mr Garrett said it was encouraging to see the substantial advances made by Ergon Energy and the significant reductions in energy consumption already achieved as a result of the Solar City project in Townsville.

The Solar Cities program was developed by the Australian Government to bring industry, business, governments and communities together to rethink the way they produce, use and save energy. The seven Solar Cities include Adelaide, Alice Springs, Blacktown, Central Victoria, Moreland, Perth and Townsville.