MaxEV impresses at Port of Felixstowe trial

Energetique’s MaxEV light commercial vehicle has been put through its paces by over 100 Port of Felixstowe staff members during the UK national Climate week.

As the largest container port in the UK and one of the largest in Europe, the Port of Felixstowe represents the perfect testing ground for the MaxEV. The two week trial involved testing by a number of departments within the port, and employees were invited to drive the vehicle and make a personal assessment of its performance.


The trial revealed information about the participants perception of electric vehicles both before and after their drive. Most participants had not driven an EV before the MaxEV, and found the vehicle to be very responsive and smooth. Many said it was very similar to a normal car with good acceleration and braking, and overall better than they initially expected it to be.

Another interesting aspect of the study was the occurrence of ‘range anxiety.’ This can be described as a fear of running out of charge due to the lack of familiarity with a range/SOC dynamic in a fully electric vehicle. The trial revealed that while a great number of the drivers initially experienced range anxiety, it subsided over the course of the trial as drivers began to understand the commuting distances actually driven.

David Gledhill, Chief Executive Officer of Hutchison Ports (UK) Ltd, which owns the Port of Felixstowe, commented:

“There is greater pressure than ever before, upon both businesses and individuals, to look at the way we live our lives and to reduce the impact we have on the environment. Climate Week is an annual reminder for each of us and our workplaces to take a look at our ‘green credentials’ and find ways of improving our commitment to the environment.

He continued:

“These are exciting times for ‘green’ technology, and we are pleased to be one of the first businesses in the area to trial a 100% electric vehicle. We take the effect our operations have on the environment very seriously, and are constantly striving to reduce the impact we cause. This series of events will help us to raise the profile of this as an issue and give our employees greater opportunity to contribute to this change.”

Energetique’s MaxEV is the 100% Electric Light Commercial Vehicle in Energetique’s range, and like the evMe has a maximum speed of 130km/h and motor efficiency of up to 97%.