About Us

Energetique specialises in the design, development, and integration of high density energy storage and energy management systems for the automotive, renewable, and power industries.

Energetique’s innovative electric drivetrain and battery technologies have been demonstrated in the 100% electric vehicle, evMe which was released in November 2008. The Energetique technology platform has also been used to power the light delivery van MAXev.

Energetiques proprietary platform offers the automotive industry a quick to market and cost efficient solution that integrates global best of breed components for urban commuters and light commercial vehicles.

Energetique’s technologies include:

  • Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) software
  • Thermally managed battery pack
  • Grid Connect software module.

Energetique’s advanced technology and electronics deliver performance that not only exceeds that of the original petrol driven car (Mazda2) but also most other Electric Vehicles.