maxEV Delivery Van

The maxEV light commercial van combines the award winning features of the VW Maxi Caddy, with zero vehicle emissions.

Developed to provide fleet operators with a real choice in electrification, the highly modular design can be applied to existing fleet vehicles with minimal modification. maxEv is a cost effective solution for fleet electrification.

  • Save on fuel
  • Reduce emissions
  • Quiet operating environment
  • Reduced maintenance

With a 35kWh battery pack and up to 200km range, an overnight charge provides maxEV with more than enough charge for most urban deliveries.

The advanced charging technology in maxEV can also be optimised to enable proactive and prognostic charging, taking advantage of variable electricity tariffs while still meeting the daily charge requirements of drivers.


  • 100% battery-powered, zero emissions
  • Based on a modified VW Maxi caddy with seating for two
  • Load and weight volume of 4.2m3 and 748kg
  • Ultra compact 35kWh battery pack providing up to 200km typical driving in a single charge without reducing utility space
  • Plugs into any standard outlet and requires no special charging equipment
  • Rapid Charging in 30 minutes with Phase3 Charging option
  • Thermal managed battery pack maintains battery life of 10 years*
  • Power-train design retains weight distribution and does not intrude into safety crumple zone
  • Single-speed gearbox with acceleration from 0-100km in 10 seconds and maximum speed 130km
  • Touch screen digital dash with in car 3G connectivity
  • Cabin climate control

* Note: Battery capacity loss less than 20% over 10 years - only 40km range reduction.