Power Train

Energetique’s electric power-train is engineered to fit into most small internal combustion vehicles with minimal modification.


The EV Propulsion system consists of two modules:

Battery Module

The Energetique battery module is comprised of 96 lithium polymer cells and has a total storage capacity of 35kWh. It has an energy density over 600% greater than that of older energy storage technologies.

Smart management circuity continuously monitors and manages every cell individually, keeping them within the optimum operating range for temperature and charge/discharge rates. Inbuilt thermal management control ensures that the batteries are maintained within their safe optimum temperature range.

The ultra compact design does not require structural modification to the original vehicle. The slim profile does not intrude into the cabin or utility space and retains all rear crumple zones.

Propulsion Module

This includes the Synchronous AC Motor, Digital Motor Controller, Power Distribution Unit, Water Cooled Chargers, Cabin Environment Control (Air con and Heating) and the conversion plate for the gearbox.

The propulsion module is housed in a single cradle that allows easy access for maintenance, repairs or modifications. It has been designed and engineered to neatly slot into the space vacated by the original IC engine and retains the forward crumple zone between engine and passenger cabin.