Carbon Emissions

evMe can be easily connected to home solar systems and run entirely from renewable energy. If the car batteries are recharged from the electricity grid then we recommend purchasing GreenPower electricity generated from 100% renewable sources with no carbon emissions. For further information on how you can order GreenPower from your energy provider visit 

If you purchase electricity derived from a conventional coal or gas powered station, carbon dioxide emissions will have been produced as a by product of the electricity generation. Most Australian power stations are coal powered and run at a fixed capacity whether there is demand for the electricity or not.
As the energy produced cannot be stored, if it is not used immediately it is wasted. Most of this excess energy is lost at night when demand from business and industry is much lower. By recharging batteries at night (off peak) energy can be used that would otherwise be wasted.

In Ireland (population. 4 million) the ESB estimate that 10,000 electric cars could be recharged each night without producing any extra power. This translates to an equivalent of almost a million electric vehciles in the US.*

As more electricity is generated from solar, wind and nuclear and carbon capture from coal and gas powered plants is introduced, carbon emissions
can be significantly reduced. Similar reductions of carbon dioxide cannot be achieved by controling emissions from the individual tailpipes of diesel
or bio fueled cars.