Alternative Energy

evme is a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV), which means that the vehicle does not have a motor that relies on petrol or diesel to fuel the car. Instead the ‘fuel’ for the evMe is electricity and it is stored onboard using batteries. In order to store the amount of electrical energy to drive the car a useful distance, as well as being light weight in order that they can carried within a car, the batteries must have a high ‘energy density’. The lithium polymer batteries used in evMe are safe, reliable and long lasting as well as being one of the highest in energy density.

Recharging evMe involves plugging the car into a power point to recharge the batteries. evMe can be operated sustainably as the electrical energy stored in the batteries can be sourced from a range of clean, renewable energy generation sources.


Green Renewable Electricity

Renewable energy is generated from sources like photo-voltaic, hydro, wind and biomass which produce no net greenhouse gas emissions.

If you are recharing evMe from the electricity grid then we recommend purchasing GreenPower electricity generated from 100% renewable sources.

GreenPower is a government accreditation program for renewable energy that organises publicly available independent auditing of energy retailers sales and purchases, making sure retailers are investing in renewable energy on your behalf. For further information on how you can order GreenPower from your energy provider visit greenpower


Domestic Solar Systems

Sunlight can be converted into electricity using photovoltaic panels. These panels can be mounted onto the roof of a house to generate clean, renewable energy during the day which can be used to power a home and appliances. Any excess energy generated by the photovoltaic panels is placed on the electricity grid for a financial credit.

Locations that are not grid connected are referred to as ‘stand-alone’ systems and require battery storage to power homes during the evening. evMe’s batteries can be used to store up to 35 Kilo Watt hours of energy that is not used during the day so that it can be used later as clean, ‘free’ fuel. By connecting a standard inverter to battery pack the energy stored in the cars batteries can also be used to power a home at night.

evMe fully complements your investment in renewable solar energy. In solar ‘grid connected’ systems evMe extends the commitment to cleaner technologies by offering a clean transport vehicle that couples well with this grid connected home. In ‘stand alone’ systems the evMe technology enables the optimum use of the energy you generate by utilising the storage capacity of the batteries.