Grid Intelligent Electric Vehicle Project

Solar Cities

The Australian Governments $94 million Solar Cities program aims to bring together industry, business, government and the local communities of seven test cities to restructure and analyse the way they produce, use and save energy.

Each Solar City will test the integration of energy efficiency measures for homes and businesses. The program aims to demonstrate the environmental and economic effects of combining cost reflective pricing with the widespread use of solar technology, energy efficiency and smart meters.

It also aims to uncover potential barriers to energy efficiency, electricity demand management, solar technology and test ways to deal with these barriers.

Ergon Energy & Townsville Solar City Pilot

Launched on the 13th of September 2008, the Townsville Solar City project is a $32 million joint initiative led by Ergon Energy, one of Australia’s largest electricity companies.

Achievements in the first year alone include the installation of 1445 Smart Meters and around 70 photovoltaic systems generating 160 kilowatts of electricity. Electricity consumption on neighboring Magnetic Island is now three per cent lower than it was a year ago, or nine per cent lower than where it would have been without the project.

Through these initiatives, Ergon Energy aims to reduce ‘peak demand’ and electricity usage, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save customers money and defer network investment.

Ergon Energy & Energetique

As part of the Townsville solar cities pilot, Energetique and Ergon Energy are undertaking a joint project to develop and test the integration of electric vehicles with the electricity grid. The Grid Intelligent Electric Vehicle Project will include both Vehicle to Grid (V2G) and Smart Charging technology.

The Vehicle to Grid application will enable energy in the vehicles battery pack to be fed back into the grid.

The Smart Charging application will enable customers to set preference for charging and V2G. This will allow customers to take advantage of variable pricing during the day and to purchase energy or sell back to the grid.

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