Smart Charge

Energetique’s smart charge application allows drivers to specify their energy requirements for driving and time frames for charging.

Using an iPhone interface drivers are able to schedule the dates and times that they require their batteries to be charged and even the minimum battery level required.

Smart charge will also allow customers to set their preferences and take advantage of pricing variations that occur during the day.


Energy utilities are able to remotley initiate requests to manage electric vehicle charge rates. Smart Grid aware utilities will be able to dynamically control the rate of charging.

For example, an electric vehicle owner may opt to have their vehicle charged to at least 50% capacity by 7am every weekday. The energy utility may request that EV charging be reduced to 50% between 5pm and 9pm each day. Energetique’s Smart Charge software will manage the charging of the vehicle to accommodate both the customers and utilities requirements.

By collaboratively managing the vehicle batteries, customers will be able to reduce their energy costs and utilities can manage the network more efficiently potentially reducing electricity supply costs.