Vehicle to Grid

Energetique’s electric vehicles are not only smart at efficiently managing energy consumption & storage, they are also able to deliver energy back to the grid. This is called ‘Vehicle to Grid’ (V2G) and if managed well has the potential to mitigate peak electricity demand and provide benefits to both the vehicle owner and the utility.


Drivers are able to schedule their vehicle’s availability for V2G operation and will be able to set preferences based on prices offered by the utility for energy export. After taking user preferences into account, surplus energy stored in the vehicles battery is able to be sold back to the electricity network.

Vehicle to Grid involves:

  • a dedicated EV charging circuit,
  • a Smart Grid comms gateway which bridges the communication gap between all devices at the supplied premises (including the evMe) and the utility and
  • an export capable meter at premises where V2G is occurring

At 100% Vehicle to Grid rate, the vehicle can forward up to 7kW to the grid, depending on evMe’s charge infrastructure with the potential to achieve up to 23kW in future.

At 100% Grid to Vehicle rate, the vehicle can draw up to 23kW from the grid, depending on evMe’s charge infrastructure, (1hr 15mins to charge 35kWh battery capacity).