Battery Module

evMe uses the highest quality Lithium polymer (LiPO) batteries which provide a service life of greater than 10 years based on usage in a normal commuting application.*

evMe operates at 350 Volts nominal. The battery module is comprised of 96 batteries, each consisting of a 100 Amp hour, high energy density cell.

Our Lithium Polymer batteries represent advancements over other EV-targeted LiPO batteries boasting higher energy densities and much higher cycle life.

Their patented sealed bag format achieves superior levels of ingress protection over other housings. This ensures that no moisture or other contaminants can permeate the cells lining, which is a major contributor to early cell degeneration.

These batteries have passed stringent safety tests which involve overcharge, overdischarge, short circuit, thermal, vibration, shock, puncture and impact.

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The evMe battery module incorporates the Battery Management System (BMS). This system continuously monitors the evMe batteries to ensure that they are performing to specification, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the batteries.

*Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2006, NSW average commute of 40 kilometers per day.