Charging Options

evMe offers several options for recharging. The times indicated below are based on a fully depleted battery pack.

Battery Charge Single 10 Amp Single 15 Amp Dual 15 Amp
25% 50 km 3 hours 45 mins 2 hours 30 mins 1 hour 15 mins
25% 100 km 7 hours 30 mins 5 hours 2 hours 30 mins
25% 200 km (full) 15 hours 10 hours 5 hours

Charging evMe

The evMe charging system can be tailored for a wide range power supply options. These start at a standard 10 Amp domestic power outlet, which is the most common domestic supply outlet ranging to multiple 20 Amp plugs to reduce charging times. Charging units are also switchable, which further improves the flexibility.


Recharge Times

The time it takes to recharge batteries involves three main elements

Each of these elements directly impacts on the time it takes to recharge batteries.

The Power Supply

The power supply dictates the amount of electrical energy that can be used to recharge batteries. The Australian standard voltage is around 240Volts and most standard power supplies in a home are rated to 10 Amps.

Calculating energy is Volts X Amps. For a 10 Amp domestic circuit this means that a total energy that can be used to recharge batteries is a rate of 2400 Watts (W) or 2.4 Kilo Watts. It then becomes an easy calculation to determine how long it will take to recharge a battery containing, say 35 KWh (ie 35/2.4 = 14.6 or approximately 14 hours)

Faster charging can be achieved from using power supplies with higher amounts of energy available.

Other domestic rated power sockets are the 15 and 20 Amp power outlets. A 20 Amp power outlet can provide twice the electrical energy of a 10Amp socket, halving the time it takes to recharge a battery.

Much higher commercial power outlets are available and these can be used to drastically reduce recharge times to the order of minutes. These high electrical energy supplies are not usually available in domestic homes but are relatively common in commercial premises, such as food outlets, supermarkets and large shopping centres.

Charging Device

It is unusual for a charging device to be able to charge a battery using a selection of power outlets. This can be restrictive if a car fitted with a 20 Amp circuit for home charging then requires a 10 Amp circuit to charge at another location.

The design of the evMe ensures that a 10Amp domestic power outlet can always be utilised even if it is not the normal method for charging the evMe. This allows higher power outlets to be utilised where they are available to reduce recharging times.

Battery Capacity

The evMe contains a lithium polymer power module that has a voltage of around 400 Volts and an Amp of 100 Amps. The high quality lithium polymer batteries used in the evMe are comfortable at charge/discharge rates of around 8C or discharges of 800 Amps.