Driving Range

With an extended range of 200km, evMe easily meets the average Australian commute of 40km day.

Select a city to see how far evMe can drive between charges

All distances for return journeys calculated using Nowwhere?

Range/Speed 50 km/h 80 km/h 100 km/h 120 km/h
Level open road
(max. achievable @ 100% discharge)
278 km 285 km 200 km 160 km

The above values have been calculated during test drives which established the average power consumption at a constant speed on a level surface in light winds with minimal electrical accessories operating.

When comparing these figures with ranges based on normal driving activities, it becomes clear that there are other factors which play a significant role in the true range of a vehicle. These factors include:

  • Number of accelerations/decelerations
  • Rapid speed changes
  • Weight of the car including cargo and passengers
  • Wet, windy, hilly road conditions
  • Cabin heating and cooling
  • Battery capacity made available
  • Age of the batteries

The evMe has shown that after 5000km of driving in both city and highway conditions, a normal range is in the order of 160-200km depending on the above mentioned factors. Interestingly we found little difference between city and highway mileage which can be attributed to efficient use of regenerative braking, which regains much of the wasted energy from stop/start commuting.