Energy Efficiency

evMe brings together a combination of cutting edge AC hybrid induction-permanent magnet motors and state of the art power electronics. This is managed by our proprietary control and power management algorithms,
making it one of the most efficient electric cars available.

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The Energetique systems delivers one of the highest energy efficiency levels available - an equivalent to the iconic Teslar Roadster

In contrast to a standard petrol motor, which will convert less than 30% of the car’s fuel into useful work, evMe boasts efficiencies of between 85% and 96% which means that very little energy is wasted as heat and noise, leaving most of the battery power for driving. This is critical for electric vehicles as battery energy density is considerably lower than hydrocarbon fuels, meaning every drop of stored energy must count.

evMe also offers driver adjustable regenerative braking which adds to overall vehicle efficiency by capturing a significant amount of the car’s motion energy released during braking, storing it in the battery to be used again.

Conventional cars have no such mechanism and so this useful energy is entirely lost as heat and vibration on the brakes. A side bonus to ‘regen braking’ is that the brake pads last considerably longer as they are subject to much less wear during normal driving.