The Energetique propulsion module has been designed and programmed to ensure that driving an evMe or a maxEV is as safe for the occupants as it is for the environment.

Features include:

  • An independent crash sensor located in the battery module which isolates high voltage from the vehicle in the event of an impact.
  • Turning the car off with the ignition key automatically isolates the high voltage circuit.
  • The intelligent ‘drive selector supervisor’ ensures the vehicle is safe to operate in the chosen driving mode.
  • Forward or reverse can only be selected if the charging leads are removed, the driver door is closed, the driver’s seat-belt is fastened and foot brake is applied.
  • In the event of a mains power failure whilst the car is being charged, the vehicle will automatically shut down and recommence when power is re-established.
  • All internal power electronics feature built in self diagnostic programs designed to shut down the part if operation is no longer safe.
  • A humidity and water proof battery module to ensure battery integrity.
  • Centrally mounted battery module ensures maximum protection from all sides in the unlikely event of a collision and a low centre of gravity to improve vehicle handling.
  • Vehicle weight and weight distribution is kept as close as possible to the original vehicle’s to ensure identical breaking and handling stability and similar overall wearing properties.
  • All cabling is centrally located and concealed, leaving no exposed wires that may need cutting in the event of an emergency.