Specification Sheet

Body Style

  • 5 door hatch
  • commercial delivery van


  • Range of up to 200km
  • Maximum motoring speed of 130km
  • Power acceleration from 0-100 in 10 seconds in performance mode.
  • Extended battery life of 10 years (driving an average of 1,250km month)

Energy Efficiency

  • Milage cost of only two cents per kilometer
  • Motor energy efficiency of up to 96% compared to less than 30% for conventional fuel based vehicle
  • Energy stored in the batteries can be uploaded back into the electricity grid
  • Easy integration with domestic solar installations and can operate entirely on renewable energy


  • Easy to charge at home from a standard domestic electrical socket and requires no additional wiring or specialised equipment for basic charging (10AMP supply).
  • A range of charging options is available to decrease the time to recharge from the standard overnight option.
Battery Charge Single 10 Amp Single 15 Amp Dual 15 Amp
25% 50 km 3 hours 45 mins 2 hours 30 mins 1 hour 15 mins
25% 100 km 7 hours 30 mins 5 hours 2 hours 30 mins
25% 200 km (full) 15 hours 10 hours 5 hours

Digital Control

  • Fully digital vehicle
  • Continuous monitoring and optimisation of system variables to maximise performance and efficiency
  • Seamless software upgrades and real-time diagnostics across 2G/3G Network.
  • Diagnostics can be undertaken remotely without the need to return the vehicle to a repair garage.